Wooden Floor Finishing & Refinishing​

Eco Friendly Products

We have a full range of environmentally friendly products, polyurethanes and oils.

Nortons Floorsanding sands and finishes new timber flooring to enhance the natural beauty of the timber. We also restore and transform existing wooden floors:

Erase marks & stains: e.g. from water, rusty nails, 
colour staining bleed through, polyurethane discolouration 

Fix damage, or wear and tear from years of use

Create a uniform look if you have a variety of timbers​

Restoring Cork Floors

Most cork floors can be sanded and refinished. Nortons Floorsanding can sand and polyurethane cork floors so that they look just as good, if not better than new!

Polyurethane, Staining & Colour Blocking

Our experience shines through in the advice Nortons provides to help you choose the most suitable finish. There are many coatings, floor staining and polyurethane options available. E.g. There are clear, water-based and oil-based polyurethanes, and at least 20 polyurethane colour pigments—enough choice to complement every type of floor and decor.

Clear & Coloured Polyurethane​

Nortons specialises in polyurethane coatings for refinishing wooden floors (also known as varnish, lacquer, polish). Choices include more eco-friendly, water-based polyurethanes.​

Floor Staining

Staining gives wooden floors a uniform, modern and stylish look.
(Colour only: needs to be coated in protective polyurethane.)

Colour Block/Colour Blocking

Colour pigment is added to polyurethane, creating a beautiful, deep lacquered effect. Also great for covering old cork floors, particle board, concrete or T&G flooring.

Whitewash/Blonding, Oiling, Waxing

Nortons can advise on the best choice, for which types of timber.

For your Health & Safety

Nortons floor sanders and floor installers keep disruption to an absolute minimum and for floor sanding, the amount of dust created is far less than you may expect. To allow finishes to dry safely (e.g. polyurethane), other trades/residents/staff may need to vacate the property - especially if Nortons will be coating floors in more than one room.

How much will Finishing/Refinishing cost? We provide complimentary onsite Quotes​

Good price, good communication, flexible and responsive; brilliant quality result. Highly recommended.

— Bruce, Auckland

Finishing & Staining:
enhance, seal, protect​

The job we required was the sanding and polyurethaning of the kauri floor of our dining room. We could not have been more pleased with the result. The beautiful high glossy finish on the boards enhances the room from the boring old carpet that covered it previously.

— Bruce, Auckland

Brilliant service. Work was completed to estimate and a day early! Good clear advice on exactly what finishes were available and most appropriate. The floors look superb … The quality of the result makes these guys superb value for money.

— Andrew, Auckland

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